Maine Furniture Repair

Customers approach us daily sending pictures of furniture that they fear is broken beyond repair.  One of the reasons we love what we do, is the reward we get from taking something someone fears can never be fixed and making it look like it was never broken in the first place.  The smiles and joy on our customer’s face as they are walking out the door to return their favorite piece of furniture is incredible!  Nothing is impossible.  Don’t toss your furniture that has served you well for years because of an unfortunate accident.  We can fix it at a very reasonable rate.

Moving Damage

Moving damage is an unfortunate part of moving. We know how stressful moving can be, and when something get’s damaged it can feel awful! Our Maine moving damage repair shop can fix furniture of all types and make it appear like it never happened. Don’t stress, call Liberty Bell!

Scuffs and Stains

Stains and simple scuffs occur all the time and can look a little embarrassing when having guests over. We can make that coffee table you’ve loved for years look brand new again. Don’t toss it, fix it!

Broken Chairs and Sofas

We recently had a piece brought in where one of the legs had completely broken off. When we finished the repair and returned it to the customer, they literally could not figure out which leg was the one that had been broken. Needless to say, they have returned time and time again for repairs. Our biggest concern is why they keep breaking so many broken chairs!

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