Maine Furniture Refinishing

Decorative Finishes

Speak to our professional decorative finish artisan for more details on this unique service. We offer a wide variety of decorative finishes, for examples please visit out office in South Portland. We will have the images online soon!

Professional Staining

Check out our wide variety of Mohawk Stain choices. You can also ask about our eco friendly water based stain we will have as an option soon!

Colored Lacquer Painting

We have all of our colored lacquer mixed to order and can custom match almost any color! We do not use house hold paint. We have great respect for the items that are brought in to our shop and we always use the right materials to make sure your refinished piece will last.

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Maine Furniture Refinishing

Liberty Bell Furniture offers professional and quality Maine furniture refinishing services. Do you have an old and worn piece of furniture? Our Maine artisans can make your furniture items look like new!  We offer a furniture stripping service and are very meticulous in making sure all the prep work is done to perfection.  It is very important to get all of the previous coating completely removed to ensure a long lasting new finish.  After this is completed, we offer a variety of different services to bring your furniture back to life.