Maine furniture Reupholstery

Upholstery Services

Fabric Selection

Browse our online catalog of outdoor and indoor fabrics, and find the right one for you. We can deliver sample swatches of any fabric choice to make sure it’s perfect.

Boat & Auto

Do you have tears or sun damage on your favorite ride? Whether it’s on the road or on the water, we can repair or reupholster those seats that get you from A to B.

Patio Furniture

Sun damage and weather conditions can wear on outdoor furniture over time. We can reupholster your outdoor seating and make it last for years to come.


From faux leather to Naugahyde, our vinyl repair and reupholstering skills are second to none in Maine. We provide top notch upholstery repair services to the restaurant industry, hotels and fitness clubs all over the state.

Maine Furniture Reupholstery

Portland and Kennebunk’s premiere Maine furniture reupholstery and upholstery repair company.

Liberty Bell Furniture Repair & Upholstery has a reputation for being the best in the state!  Upholstery restoration is a craft that has been handed down for generations in the Liberty Bell Family. We offer THE most comprehensive furniture reupholstering service ranging from indoor, outdoor, and vinyl upholstery services.   For all your Maine Furniture Reupholstery needs, give us a ring!

Maine Reupholstery since 1998

Since 1998 Liberty Bell Furniture Repair & Upholstery has been providing top notch furniture reupholstering services in Portland and Kennebunk, Maine. Reupholstering furniture through out Casco Bay for the past 20 years has taught us how to keep furniture reupholstery prices down for our loyal Maine customers.

Pickup & Delivery

What’s one thing everyone could use a little more of? Time. This is why we offer a variety of Pickup & Delivery options to make your life a little easier, and give you a little more time to spend at home with your family.

Saving Family Heirlooms

Restore your family heirloom today and show your children how amazing it will be to keep it for Generations to come. Kids, you can do the same for your folks as well. Restore their prized furniture with us and give them the gift of a life time to see it like new again.

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