Furniture Repair in North Oxford Maine

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Furniture Restoration and Upholstery

Furniture Repair In North Oxford Maine

If you’re looking for furniture repair in North Oxford Maine, call Liberty Bell Furniture Repair & Upholstery. Our artisans can perform a wide variety of services to fit any need. Whether you need an antique sofa reupholstered or a kitchen chair fixed and refinished, we provide the best furniture repair services in the state.We have three Maine office locations: Portland, Kennebunk, and Bangor.  You can drop off, or pick up at any of those locations.  We even offer pickup and delivery options!  Visit our Gallery to see vides and pictures from our Instagram, or scroll below to see before and after pictures of the work we do.  You will be amazed at the differences!

Our Services

Liberty Bell Furniture in Portland, Bangor, and Kennebunk Maine can restore anything from vintage furniture to cherished antique furniture. Our artisans take great pride in their work.  We have high quality craftsmen standards, and never send out a piece of furniture that doesn’t meet or exceed the customer’s expectations. We have the skill and the services to completely restore your piece of furniture to a brand new condition or we can simply fix your favorite chair’s broken leg! For furniture repair in North Oxford Maine, call Liberty Bell!

Our services include: